Reliable Robotics and ASL Aviation collaborate to explore autonomous flight


ASL Aviation and Reliable Robotics are collaborating to select a suitable aircraft for Reliable’s Remotely Operated Aircraft System.

 The firms’ initial focus will be on large twin engine turboprop freighters. As well as cargo operations, the companies will also evaluate aircraft suitable for remotely piloted humanitarian operations.

ASL Aviation Holdings director, Hugh Flynn, said: “This collaboration between ASL and Reliable is anchored on a common purpose to fully evaluate how remote and single pilot technologies can be developed and used to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective cargo and passenger services. At ASL we are looking at how new technologies will change and improve aviation, and how we can be at the forefront of that change to offer enhanced services to our customers.”

ASL and Reliable will jointly assess the demand for remotely operated aircraft in Europe. Both companies are part of the ASL CargoVision Forum, which brings together stakeholders engaged in the development of sustainable aviation technologies.

Myles Goeller, chief business officer, Reliable Robotics, said: “ASL and Reliable see urgent market demand for automated systems that will enhance safety, increase utilisation of aircraft assets and support sustainability goals. ASL shares our commitment to investing in pioneering technology development to serve industry needs and improve how goods and people are transported.”