EHang’s EH216 completes maiden flight in Spain


EHang has completed its maiden flight with the Spanish National Police (SNP) at the National Academy of Police in Ávila, Spain.

After signing a partnership in October 2021, SNP plans to use the EH216 AAV for emergency and public safety missions, such as accessing contaminated areas with nuclear, radiological, bacteriological or chemical risks, landing in confined areas and aerial logistics.

Rafael Pérez, the Secretary of the Spanish State for Security, said: “The SNP is the first security institution in the European Union to operate an AAV. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) constitute an alternative technological asset for multiple purposes, such as deployment in dangerous areas following a natural disaster or an accident, without endangering human lives. The lower operating costs of UAS and their constant new applications show great advantages over traditional aerial means.”

Pedro Prieto, the director of Aerial Means of Spanish National Police, added: “The capability to operate the EH216 AAV from a remote command and control station, which may be hundreds of kilometres away, reflects the National Police’s commitment to fulfil its digital transformation objectives.” 

Victoria Jing Xiang, COO, EHang Europe and Latin America, said: “EHang is proud to partner with a law enforcement agency and support SNP with our AAV technologies to fulfill emergency response and public safety missions. SNP’s entry into trial operation of EH216 AAV lays a foundation for the deployment of Urban Air Mobility in Europe and sets an excellent example of commitment to public safety through advancing technology.”