NASA to invest in real-time negotiation system for AAM


NASA is investing in building a digital architecture to connect vehicle, infrastructure and airspace for automated real-time negotiations during AAM operations.

With a first system level demonstration due in 2026, NASA told Revolution.Aero its goal is to provide industry and the FAA with recommendations for requirements to build the scalable system. The plan is to have the system fully operational by 2032.

“NASA’s vision for AAM is to map out a safe, accessible, and affordable new air transportation system alongside industry, community partners, and the FAA,” said a spokesperson for NASA.

“NASA is helping to build the AAM ecosystem, and leading emerging aviation markets in navigating the creation of this new system. This includes researching areas that need to be further developed to help make AAM a reality like vehicle and airspace development and operations as well as community integration,” they added.

Various NASA aeronautics projects are already supporting the agency’s vision for AAM, it said. “Those projects continue to work towards this goal through simulations, flight testing, and collaboration meetings with our industry, academic, and other government partners.”

The research team will use a highly modified research aircraft to test a variety of automation technologies and algorithms. Eventually, NASA predict the algorithms will be able to automate all tasks needed to safely transit through airspace, able to respond to a variety of conditions or hazards that may impact the flight path.