Lyte Aviation announces Inmarsat and Inflight Canada as early partners


Startup eVTOL OEM, Lyte Aviation announces Inmarsat and Inflight Canada as early stage partners. 

The UK-based firm is developing a 40-seat eVTOL aircraft, with a 4.5 ton payload, that combines a tiltwing design with gearing allowing for forward flight and hover. Subject to funding, a full-scale prototype could be ready within two years, according to founder and CEO, Freshta Farzam. 

A graduate of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Farzam has been working on her design for the past three years. “The future face of regional aviation doesn’t have to be complex, futuristic looking,” she said.

Lyte’s new partnership with Inmarsat grants the OEM access to the communication capabilities needed to operate its aircraft in continental airspace and isolated regions.

Inflight Canada, which supports aerospace projects from conception, engineering and integration through to maintenance and manufacturing, will partner LYTE for what is known as the “reversible” cargo modification.

This Thursday in London, Farzam is speaking at the Helicopter Investor 2023 conference in Kensington where she will present her vision, dubbed SkyBus in passenger configuration and SkyTruck as a cargo variant.