FlightSafety to train Lilium eVTOL pilots


A digital rendering of the proposed Lilium Jet cockpit simulator to be developed by FSI. (credit: Liluim)

Lilium has agreed a partnership with aviation training company, FlightSafety International (FSI) to train its pilots. 

The agreement makes FlightSafety the exclusive developer and provider for flight training devices for the Lilium Jet. This will include immersive, and mixed-reality simulators for training, as well as an early flight simulator representative of the Lilium Jet cockpit, to be used by Lilium engineers. 

The simulator, known as the e-Sim, will be installed at Lilium’s ground-based aircraft systems integration laboratory. The e-Sim will enable pilot familiarisation before the start of flight testing and an appropriate environment for the verification of aircraft requirements. The e-Sim will also support type-certification of the Lilium Jet by providing means of compliance for demonstrating that the aircraft conforms to certification requirements.

Sebastien Borel, chief commercial officer, Lilium said: “This partnership represents another critical milestone that will support the Lilium Jet’s progress through certification and commercial launch. Thanks to FSI’s vast experience and expertise in the field of aircraft simulators, we look forward to enabling all Lilium pilots to get familiar with our aircraft before commercial launch.”

FSI will also deliver training programmes, including online training programme modules, for the qualification of future Lilium pilots and mechanics. The firm operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full-flight simulators at training locations in the US, Canada, France, and the UK. FSI’s training devices are approved by the FAA, EASA, and other aviation regulatory authorities worldwide. Qualification of the first training devices and development of training programmes will be supported by Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Nate Speiser, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, FlightSafety International said: “It is our mission to deliver best-in-class pilot training, globally, while working with new partners to bring new, sustainable modes of transport with cost-effective training capabilities. We are excited to be working with leading eVTOL manufacturer Lilium, to advance and deliver training that empowers and prepares pilots for the world of eVTOL flight.”