Stralis becomes H3X’s first HPDM-250 customer 


H3X Technologies has shipped its first HPDM-250 unit to Australia-based Stralis Aircraft for testing.

In a statement on social media, H3X said: “We shipped our first HPDM-250! The unit was picked up this morning and is now on its way to Australia to our friends over at Stralis Aircraft.”

Stralis, a Y combinator winter cohort 2023 graduate, is developing hydrogen-electric aircraft propulsion systems. It plans to integrate the HPDM-250 into its Beechcraft Bonanza test aircraft and undertake ground testing. 


The HPDM-250 is an ultra-high power density integrated motor drive that combines the electric motor, power electronics and gearbox (optional) into one unit. It features specific peak power as high as 15kW/kg, according to developers. 

Jason Sylvestre, co-founder and CEO, H3X said: “Big thanks to the engineering and production teams for working nights and weekends this entire summer to make this happen! We’re excited to kick off our vehicle testing campaign with Bob Criner and the seasoned team over at Stralis. The -250 will first be used in their Beechcraft Bonanza for technology demonstration and we’ll roll the learnings from that into the MW-class machine that will be used on their first commercial hydrogen-electric aircraft, the BE-1900D-HE.”

Revolution.Aero spoke to Stralis CEO, Bob Criner earlier this year about the firm’s recent graduation from the Y Combinator programme and the firm’s vision for the future of aviation.