Nine UK startups revealed for AI accelerator programme

Digital Catapult AI machine learning

Digital Catapult reveals nine startups for new AI and machine learning (ML) accelerator programme.

Working in collaboration with Innovate UK BridgeAI programme partners, the initiative is set to advance adoption of AI across the construction, transport, agriculture and creative sectors, addressing a “crucial need” within the UK economy for AI and ML solutions. The 12-week programme will be the first of five BridgeAI Acceleration programmes.

Digital Catapult will provide each startup with resources including computing power and technical expertise. Also, programme participants will gain access to an ecosystem of AI developers and adopters.

Sara El-Hanfy, head of AI and ML at Innovate UK, said: “The FutureScope Accelerator is a vital part of our Innovate UK BridgeAI programme. These nine pioneering startups and SMEs will play a crucial role in shaping responsible, ethical, and high-impact AI and ML solutions. By providing them with essential resources, technical expertise, and access to a dynamic AI ecosystem, we aim to spark transformative change in sectors ripe with growth potential.”

The nine startups joining the accelerator for BridgeAI are:

  • Optimal Slope Ltd – Slope Optimiser is a geotechnical software programme that can determine pit walls – the slopes within a mine – with optimal shapes.
  • Material Index – Material Index is a UK-based Construction Technology firm that enables construction material reuse at scale.
  • Agave Networks – The platform for matching and sharing excess materials caters specifically to SME manufacturers, facilitating exchange of surplus materials.
  • Veunex Global Ltd – Veunex, a startup, is harnessing AI and big data capabilities with a focus on health, safety, and environment (HSE).
  • TagnTell Technology – The startups’ programme, Attent offers more secure, reliable, and predictive electrical monitoring thanks to AI.
  • NeuralEcho Labs – NeuralEcho Labs is creating an immersive virtual experience through brain wave communication.
  • Kelp Technologies Ltd – Kelp Technologies ollates, processes and analyses product data from the internet and uses it to provide solutions in the second hand fashion industry.
  • Visualax Ltd – Genbeat, Visualax’s AR app, designed to redefine music engagement using Generative AI.
  • Creative Colab AI Ltd – Creative Colab AI Ltd. develops AI-powered networked haptic devices that assess the boundaries of human-computer interaction.

Jessica Rushworth, chief strategy and policy officer, Digital Catapult, said: “Through the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme, Digital Catapult has launched a new accelerator for AI & Machine Learning, building on the success of our award winning Machine Intelligence Garage programme from the past few years.

“We are very excited to support these exceptional AI companies working at the forefront of innovation, and developing groundbreaking AI solutions for the transport, agriculture, creative industries and construction sectors. We look forward to seeing them scale faster through the programme and demonstrating the opportunity of adopting AI in these critical areas of the UK economy,” Rushworth added.

This FutureScope accelerator programme has partnered with firms including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Information Commissioners Office and NVIDIA.