Moya Aero and Fototerra sign LoI for 10 eVTOLs

Moya Aero

Moya Aero and aerial survey specialist, Fototerra have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to acquire 10 Moya eVTOLs.

Fototerra plan to use the aircraft for digital aerial photogrammetry, hyperspectral digital aero photogrammetry, LiDAR Surveys and environmental observation. To perform such tasks the Moya eVTOL will have specific equipment for capturing images installed. The first deliveries are planned for 2026.

“We designed out Moya eVTOL for different missions. We can adapt the vehicle to attend various segments,” said Alexandre Zaramela, CEO of Moya Aero. The firm was founded in 2020 by Zaramela and Renata Paolillo as a spin-off of Brazil’s leading aeronautical engineering, research, and aircraft development entity, ACS Aviation. “Our ideas are creative. Our products are transformative,” he added.

As noted, Brazil-based Fototerra offers various services and products linked to generating images that allow cartographic surveys, among others.

A spokesperson for Fototerra said: “Since its foundation, Fototerra is always ahead of its time, implementing new technologies. Moya eVTOL is an essential step towards improving our service provision.

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