Honeywell’s AAM unit hits $10bn in secured contracts


Honeywell’s AAM business unit has secured contracts worth over $10bn, the firm has announced. 

“This milestone is not just about reaching a certain number, it’s a testament to the unwavering vision we hold for the future of aviation and AAM,” said David Shilliday, vice president and general manager, AAM, Honeywell Aerospace. 

Formed just over three years ago, the unit has developed partnerships with industry players such as Archer, Lilium, Pipistrel, Supernal and Vertical. The AAM business footprint spans North America, Western Europe and India. “We are committed to transforming travel and delivery services. Imagine a world where a 100-mile journey takes 45 minutes or less, and same-day package delivery is possible in every populated region of the world. With the help of our partners, we’re making that vision a reality,” Shilliday added.

Honeywell calls its fly-by-wire solutions and actuation systems function as the “muscles,” providing flight controls and necessary redundancy. Whilst its range of sensors such as RDR-84K radar and AH2000 attitude heading reference system adds the “senses”.

Yves Yemsi, chief operating officer of Lilium said: “Honeywell’s nose-to-tail technology is a game-changer, setting the standard for safety and sustainability while providing an unprecedented user experience for our pilots.”

The $10b in wins represents Honeywell’s assessment of the lifetime value of awards using an internal forecast of the number of AAM vehicles the company expects to be built. 

Jim Currier, president and CEO, Honeywell Aerospace, added: “As we celebrate this milestone, we’re looking toward the future. If you’re developing an AAM vehicle, the time to explore a partnership with Honeywell is now. We’re eager to collaborate with companies that share our vision to transform the way we travel and create a more sustainable future for aviation.”