Bellwether eVTOL to use Viasat Velaris connectivity


Viasat’s Velaris satellite connectivity services will be used in Bellwether Industries’ eVTOL aircraft Oryx the firms announced last week.

Announced at Dubai Airshow 2023, the companies are in the midst of a two-phase test as part of Viasat’s Velaris Partner Network, with plans to include a test flight schedule later in the programme.

Vidyut Jacob, senior director of Mobility and Strategy at Bellwether, said: “We are taking concrete steps towards the impending test phases for our Volar project. We are poised to execute a meticulous two-step process with our invaluable partner Viasat and launch phase 1 in 2024, in collaboration with CATUAV Test Centre in Barcelona, Spain.”

The Velaris service provides secure satellite communications for AAM aircraft to integrate with aircraft in commercial airspace. The multi-link terminal installed on the vehicle weighs 300 grams. It connects to both Viasat’s network and LTE, enabling operators to access applications such as real-time monitoring.”

Joel Klooster, senior vice president, Flight Safety and Uncrewed Aviation, Viasat added: “By aligning with partners who are at the forefront of reshaping and advancing the aviation industry, Viasat seeks not only to push the boundaries of technological innovation but also to contribute significantly to the formulation of regulatory norms and connectivity prerequisites that will guide the industry’s trajectory in the foreseeable future.”