Moya Aero conducts successful maiden flight


Moya Aero has flown a first ever flight with its aircraft, making it the largest Brazilian-made eVTOL to achieve the feat.

The maiden flight marks the beginning of a testing phase that will culminate in service entry sometime towards 2026, according to Moya. The high-capacity cargo drone prototype was controlled on its flight by its designer and CEO of the firm Alexandre Zaramela. The test took place on November 15 at SDA4 airfield on the outskirts of São José dos Campos, Brazil.

“Even though I have already experienced other first flights throughout my career, it is always a thrill to see the vehicle fly as planned,” said Zaramela. “We are currently experiencing saturation in logistics systems and that the Moya eVTOL has the potential to combine sustainability and solutions for different markets.”

Moya’s aircraft is being developed to improve logistics services for agriculture, with a design that adapts to suit different missions. It has a payload capacity of 200kg and a range of 300km, and brings a significant decrease in operating costs when compared to traditional helicopters, developers claim.

Moya has already secured several Letters of Intent for the sales of over 100 units, consolidating its position as a key player in Brazil’s future air cargo transportation. With the first successful flight, the firm is now preparing for a series of rigorous tests during the certification phase. The OEM confirmed to us that certification is going as planned, with the Brazilian regulator able to put more focus on Maya compared with if the company was based in the US where the FAA is a lot busier. 

Financing for the construction of the prototype was provided by FINEP, a Brazilian government body dedicated to supporting innovation and research. Maya has positive expectations for the next decade, with expected revenue of around $2bn and projected sales of about a thousand units.

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