Beacon AI awarded Phase 2 OTA by US Special Ops Command

Beacon AI

Beacon AI has received a Phase 2 prototype Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement from US Special Operations Command to help improve aircraft routing and safety.

The contract will help the California-based artificial intelligence (AI) aviation technology startup to enhance its AI copilot assistant. Built to optimise aircraft operations and improve route selection, the assistant effectively acts as a real-world R2-D2 — the famously reliable droid from the Star Wars movies. To do this it uses advanced algorithms and AI to provide real-time data-driven insights and predictive analytics which help pilots to make more informed decisions.

“Beacon AI distinguishes itself with innovative technology and a team passionate about aviation,” Matt Cox, CEO and Founder, Beacon AI. “This project also develops features I wish I had when I was flying for the US Navy and will help current service members and commercial pilots operating aircraft around the globe.”

Over the course of the contract, Beacon will further “develop and strengthen” its AI copilot’s ability to analyse various factors, such as weather and flight path monitoring, providing aircrews with optimal route recommendations based on aircraft, user-specific requirements and hazardous weather avoidance. 

By offering more fuel-efficient routes, the AI copilot can also help optimise the DoD’s annual consumption of 2 billion gallons of aviation fuel. The global commercial aviation industry can also use the same technology, which uses another 95 billion gallons of aviation fuel (2019), said Beacon.