Ampaire completes ground test using 100% SAF


Ampaire has completed its first ground test using pure 100% ASTM D7566 Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) made from electricity and carbon dioxide. 

The tests, which used SAF produced by Dimensional Energy to meet ASTM D7566 specifications, showed a more than two-fold increase in the efficiency of SAF. Ampaire said the results “exceeded expectations”. The firm’s hybrid electric propulsion units are capable of 50% to 70% reductions in fuel and emissions as compared to conventional turboprop engines typically found in Cessna Caravans. Combining the hybrid electric propulsion with SAF fuel more than doubles the efficiency and drives emissions to near zero. 

Kevin Noertker CEO of Ampaire said: “The successful ground test using pure SAF from Dimensional Energy marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainable aviation. By showcasing the transformative efficiency gains achievable through hybrid electric propulsion, we are driving the future of eco-friendly air travel. For those already recognising the potential of SAF, its integration into our hybrid electric aircraft enhances its appeal even further.” 

The collaboration is the result of an investment in both companies by Elemental Excelerator, which is a nonprofit investor focused on scaling climate technologies with community impact.

Dimensional Energy currently has two ongoing projects which it says will add significant inventory to the world’s availability of e-fuels. Jason Salfi CEO of Dimensional Energy said: “By combining Dimensional Energy e-fuels with Ampaire’s aircraft technology that can reduce the amount of fuels combusted during flight, we quicken the pace up the steep curve of the energy transition and reduce the need for extraction faster.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Ampaire on this groundbreaking initiative. Our partnership underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable aviation fuel solutions that offer tangible benefits to the aviation industry and contribute to a greener future.”

Dawn Lippert CEO of Elemental Excelerator added: “Today’s announcement by two Elemental portfolio companies, both leaders in their fields, is exactly the kind of collaboration we imagined when investing in Ampaire and Dimensional Energy. Their innovations reduce pollution and noise in neighbourhoods around airports, and make possible a cleaner way to fly.”