BETA’s Charge Cube gets Underwriter’s Laboratory certification


BETA’s latest fast charging technology has been certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), a globally recognised safety standard setter. 

As the only electric aircraft developer with UL-certified infrastructure, BETA believes it’s important that operators know charge products have been tested and validated as safe for market operations by a nationally recognised third party.

“Having the only UL-certified charger designed specifically for electric aircraft provides our customers with a sense of confidence and safety in our products as they prepare for future operations,” said Chip Palombini, BETA’s head of Charge Product.

“BETA is focused on the interoperable ground support equipment that will enable electric aviation right alongside the actual electric aircraft. To receive this certification from a nationally recognized lab like UL validates what all of us in this industry are working toward. It demonstrates that the technology is ready for the market, and our growing list of customers proves that the market is ready for this technology.”

The Charge Cube’s 50ft cord is the longest of any certified charger available and it works alongside BETA’s Thermal Management System (TMS). Like all of BETA’s charge products, the Charge Cube is multimodal and interoperable, featuring an internationally recognised charging standard (CCS) to ensure compatibility with electric cars, trucks and airplanes (couplers are the same on both the land and airside).

CCS has been adopted globally as the charging protocol for electric aviation through the publication by General Aviation Manufacturers Association resource paper, Interoperability of Electric Charging Infrastructure.

The UL certification follows electrical, mechanical, environmental and electromagnetic compatibility testing, including relevant sections of IEC 61000 for electromagnetic compliance. With this, the Charge Cube can now be permitted to operate commercially for electric aircraft and ground EV charging. The UL certification also drastically simplifies the permitting process for electrical utility hook-up, according to BETA.

This latest charger will join BETA’s growing network across the US and Canada. To date, the firm has certified chargers online at more than 20 airports across America, with more than 50 airports, heliports and vertiports in development. The chargers have been purchased by a range of customers, including the US Department of Defense, airports, other electric aircraft developers like Archer Aviation, and global fixed base operators like Signature Aviation.