Rolls-Royce Electrical to supply EPU to MD Aircraft

MD Aircraft

Regional air mobility startup MD Aircraft has selected Rolls-Royce’s electric division to supply the electronic power unit (EPU) for its aircraft.

The partnership, which was announced at ILA Berlin last week, will see Rolls-Royce deliver its EPU to MD Aircraft in an extension of the relationship between the companies which continues on from an agreement made at last year’s ILA Berlin.

Dr. Stefan Breunig, head of Strategy at Rolls-Royce Electrical said: “Perfect way to close ILA Berlin with the announcement of our collaboration with MD Aircraft. The MDA 1 Aircraft is a perfect fit for our EPU offering and a very promising platform to unlock the potentially of Regional Air Mobility.

“As an EASA-certified development and manufacturing company with almost 30 years of experience, MD Aircraft is more than capable to bring an innovative solution to market.”

The MDA 1 will be a 10-seater aircraft with electric propulsion and short take-off and landing (eSTOL) capabilities designed for the eSTOL commuter segment. Rolls-Royce’s electric propulsion system currently in development is “ideally suited” to the twin-propeller configuration of the MDA 1, according to designers. It will be integrated into the engine nacelle together with a replaceable battery.

The MDA 1 has been developed in accordance with the applicable certification requirements from the outset. “As an EASA-certified development and manufacturing company with almost 30 years of experience, we can guarantee this. The Rolls-Royce engines absolutely meet our requirements, are designed for certification and are therefore the first choice for our MDA 1,” said a spokesperson for MD Aircraft.

Olaf Otto, president at Rolls-Royce Electrical, said he sees considerable potential in the commuter segment as an environmentally friendly alternative to existing short-haul routes. “The MDA 1 expands the range of transportation options for freight and passengers worldwide with efficient and low-emission aircraft. We are delighted to be working with the MD Group and to be able to contribute our products and expertise to the successful development of the MDA 1,” he said.