Revolution.Aero San Francisco 2023 – Presentations

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Wednesday 6th September

08.30 Refreshments and Registration

09.00 Opening Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero

09.05 Forecasting Advanced Air Mobility
What sectors are undervalued
How big will AAM be in 2035
Are we nearing the slope of enlightenment
Joshua Ng, Alton Aviation Consultancy
Jay Carmel, Renaissance Strategic Advisors
Eliot Lees, ICF International


09.45 Fireside Chat: Wisk – Mixing up the future of flight
Is autonomous certification closer than we first thought
Where to test and certificate
Jon Lovegren, Wisk

10.05 Choosing the right strategic investor
Strategics vs pure VC
Why is it not all about the money
How can you stay aligned
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Stanley Tran, United Airlines Ventures
Jim Lockheed, JetBlue Ventures
Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners
Chase Lookofsky, Supernal


10.45 Building an AAM ecosystem we can all trust
Understanding vertiport operations
Connecting different stakeholders
Yanik Doyon, Thales Group


11.05 Morning Coffee

11.35 Hybrid Aviation: Flash in the pan or here to stay
A temporary solution?
Betting on the future
Battery-Hybrid versus Hydrogen-Hybrid
Is it all about range?
Moderator: Evan Deahl, Alton Aviation Consultancy
Kevin Noertker, Ampaire
Eric Bartsch, VerdeGo Aero
Marc Ausman,
Christopher Ruud, DeltaHawk Engines


12.10 Fireside Chat: Joby – How 2025 commercialisation is shaping up
Strategizing vertical integration versus partnerships
What will the S4 experience be like
Fitting into the wider ecosystem
Eric Allison, Joby Aviation


12.30 Expediating Autonomy
Is collaboration key?
Autonomous aircraft versus autonomous operations
which end markets will benefit
cargo versus passenger
Moderator: Matt Thurber, AIN
Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean AI

Maxime Gariel, XWing
Robert Rose, Reliable Robotics
Alex Naiman, Merlin Labs


13.10 Lunch

14.25  Fireside Chat: Scaling Autonomous Systems & AI for Commercial Flight
Moderator: Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Company
Arne Stoschek, Acubed by Airbus


14.45 The hurdles for hydrogen aviation
Gaseous versus liquid fuel
low temperature versus high temperature
Challenges of fixed wing and rotor designs
Moderator: Garrett Riem, Aviation Week Network
Val Miftakhov, ZeroAvia
Loris Gliner, Universal Hydrogen
Porter Wong, Hydroplane
John Piasecki, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation


15.25 A Legal overview of the proposed SPAR on Integration of powered lift
David Norton, Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton

15.45 Afternoon Tea

16.10 How can OEMs finance production
Debt versus Equity
Using government incentives
managing supply chains
customer finance and support
Moderator: Eddie Gross, Vedder Price
Kirsten Bartok-Touw, New Vista Capital
Catherine Kolimas Schorm, Goldman Sachs
David Fiore, EXIM
Yotam Avrahami, Deloitte

16.50 Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency
The benefits of BWB Designs
Cutting fuel consumption and emissions
Mark Page, JetZero


17.05 Planning for operations
continued technical progress in the air and on the ground
Partnering with customers to plan for integration
Gaining operator insight from qualitative evaluation flights
Skye Carapetyan, Beta Technologies


18.00 Closing Remarks

18.05 Cocktail Reception

Thursday 7th September

08.30 Refreshment and Registration

09.00 Opening Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero

09.05 Unlocking UAS with the CNS key
Why we need to focus on CNS now
Why CNS infrastructure is the capstone of the UAS ecosystem
Bill Tolpegin, AURA Network Systems


09.25 Scaling new aircraft operations
Do we need a more digital & automated approach
Are the key players today the same as tomorrow
Moderator: Scot Campbell, Acubed by Airbus
Noureddin Ghazavi, FAA
Karen Cate, NASA
Erick Corona, Wisk
Müller, Joby Aviation


10.05  Bristow Group – Partnering for success
The secrets to taking new aircraft into service
Operating in a new paradigm
Moderator: Elan Head, The Air Current
Mandy Nelson, Bristow Group
Bryan Willows, Bristow Group


10.25 Morning Coffee

10.55 Jump Aero – Taking the Leap
Revolutionising the EMS sector
Carl Dietrich, Jump Aero


11.20 Insuring advanced aircraft
What will AAM policies look like
New aircraft insurance capacity
When should OEMs get insurers involved
The issue of integrated business models
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Chris Proudlove, Global Aerospace
Alistair Blundy, Skyrisks


11.50 Fireside Chat: Crawl, walk, run, soar: Flying from Midday to Midnight
Importance of early route structure design
when/where to operate vertically or horizontally
Moderator: Pamir Sevincel, Blackbird
Jon Petersen, Archer Aviation


12.10 In the game of drones…you survey or do cargo
close vs short vs middle vs long range
Cargo vs surveillance: Which has the biggest potential
Moderator: Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Irena Deville, Dronamics
Dave Merrill, Elroy Air
Elias Kleimann, Wingtra


12.50 Lunch

14.00 The Aviation Revolution’s role in the mobility revolution
What can aviation learn from terrestrial transport
Is VC still the backbone of mobility
Adam Grosser, UP.Partners


14.20 The pure electric revolution
Do we need to set a global charging standard
Pros and cons of modular designs
How do you ensure power requirements are met
minimum cost, maximum cycles
Moderator: Elan Head, The Air Current
Richard Wang, Cuberg
Max Liben, H3X Technologies
Damon Vander Lind, Magpie Aviation
Hamid Hamidi, Limosa
Nathan Millecam, Electric Power Systems


15.00 Starburst Aerospace: What you learn from investing in 140 start ups
How to find investors
What will the next 140 look like
Francois Chopard, Starburst Aerospace


15.20 Fireside Chat: The EVE of Advanced Air Mobility
Balancing the Embraer relationship and start up tendencies
The benefit of a wide portfolio of operator relationships
Integrating urban ATM systems
Moderator: Apoorv Maheshwari, Ernst & Young
Andre Stein, EVE Air Mobility


15.40 Afternoon Tea

16.00 Fireside chat: Airbus – Filling the gap in current technology
Innovating across the value chain
Developing technology across business portfolio
Multimission purposes and scalability
When will we see LOIs and partnerships
Balkiz Sarihan, Airbus Urban Air Mobility


16.20 Integrating new tech into existing airspace
The role of operators/associations in new tech legislation
Importance of experienced perspectives
Benefits of vertical/horizontal integration
Moderator: Julia Norsetter, Reed Smith
Chris Rocheleau, NBAA
Scott O’Brien, Reliable Robotics
Michael Hillermeier, Volocopter


17.00 AFWERX: The military role in Advanced Air Mobility
Capturing strategic markets that can reshape aviation
Accelerating commercial market for AAM
Moderator: Katerina Barilov, Jump Aero
Darshan ‘Dash’ Divarkaran, AFWERX


17.20 Is regional aviation stil undervalued
How do you select the routes
How big will the market be in 2030?
Does being first matter
Moderator: Robin Riedel, McKinsey & Company
Andres Forslund, Heart Aerospace
Gregory Davis, Eviation
Jonathan Evans, KinectAir
Dennis Scott, Arc Aerosystems
James Dorris, Odys Aviation


18.00 Closing Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero


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