GKN Fokker is advising PAL V to help bring its VTOL to market




Legacy aircraft manufacturer GKN Fokker has agreed to advise PAL V on bringing the combined VTOL and car – The PAL V Liberty – through certification to market.

The MoU will accelerate testing and production of the aircraft and will provide PAL V with a competitive edge with the backing of a larger established aerospace company. GKN Fokker will advise, and assist PAL-V in design, certification, engineering, and manufacturing of its products – including its upcoming Liberty aircraft.

PAL V is currently in the final stage of certifying the PAL V Liberty and looks to have the aircraft fully certified in 2021.

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V said: “GKN Fokker’s assistance strengthens our business with the capabilities and technologies of a world leader in the aviation industry. It’s fantastic that GKN Fokker will assist us in the finalisation of the PAL-V Liberty: the production and final certification.”

The road-legal aircraft is expected to retail at €300,000 and will be delivered to its initial private owners.

This agreement follows a similar MoU Pal-V signed with Royal NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre) to develop autonomous systems for a new aircraft model. Both companies are aiming to develop a fully autonomous eVTOL flying car and introduce it to the market within the next 10 years.

Adrian Leyte, VP New Business Development at GKN Fokker said: “PAL-V is an exciting company in the growing personal flying mobility market. We are happy to support them in taking the next step. This innovative product can help the aviation industry in moving to the next chapter of personal flying mobility. As GKN Fokker, we want to assist them in their growth.”

This is just one of many eVTOL start-ups to partner with an established aerospace company to help bring the aircraft to market. Last week, the Larry Page-backed VTOL manufacturer Kitty Hawk has partnered with Boeing to develop the start-ups urban air mobility projects.