Lirio Liu’s FAA Keynote Address #Rev22


It can sometimes be challenging for the FAA to keep pace with the speed of private sector innovators, according to Lirio Liu, executive director, Aircraft Certification Service, FAA at #Rev22.

[However] I am happy to the say the FAA is committed to ensuring that we have a robust, agile certification system, along with a strong and capable organisation to accommodate new and novel design ideas,” she said.

The industry and government have distinct and complimentary roles to play, said Liu. “Industry innovates on technology, and regulators, we must innovate on policy.” 

“We’re seeing things moving so fast. The industry is in what many people are calling the golden age of flight — a second gold age as it may be,” said Liu. “Flying cars and taxis that may soon be commonplace in American life.”

Advanced composite materials and artificial intelligence are also allowing for new design and applications. “We are also focused on making sustainable aviation fuels, as well as other fuel alternatives,” said Liu.

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