Revolution.Aero ’22 – Conscious aircraft


‘There’s automation and then there is the notion of consciousness’

Moderator Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners

Speakers Ben Griffin, OneWeb; Anthony Pucciarella, Alaris Pro; Jed Kalkstein, GPMS; Andrew Donnelly, Collins Aerospace

Conscious aircraft is a new session on the Revolution.Aero agenda that addresses the maintenance of autonomous and AAM vehicles. Widespread operation of advanced electric aircraft will require maintenance on an equal scale. However, as a new industry, there is no historical data on factors like material and component longevity and how that may differ under various factors. 

Retired navy operational test pilot and airworthiness engineer, Anthony Pucciarella, founded Alaris Pro which is attempting to widen the data set using what it calls a fleet data management product. 

“It leverages the information flow between OEMs and their component manufacturers and the operators themselves to create a much larger de-identified data set that we can make estimates on predictive longevity of the components, life cycle logistics,” said Pucciarella.

“What Jed’s doing with sensors and what we do by leveraging a different data set and then connecting them through networks like these other guys are doing. I see what what we’re all doing now as the foundation,” he added. “Then as the machine learning, algorithms improve and we can add more intelligence to the data set that we have we can start doing predictive and integrated health management.”

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