SkyAngels to operate PAL-V flying car as emergency response


SkyAngels Air Ambulance has partnered with PAL-V and will operate its flying car as emergency response once certified.

The UK-based charity plans to use the vehicle to get doctors to hospitals nationwide. With the PAL-V Liberty, SkyAngels said it can “ensure that their fast response teams arrive on the scene quickly and safely”.

“Range, payload, and practicality are key factors when considering a flying car for our air ambulance service,” said David Polo Marks, CEO, SkyAngels. “The PAL-V Liberty is not just an aircraft, and neither is it just a car — it’s both. The fact that the aircraft can drive on roads means that it is not restricted by weather conditions and it’s a car that can fly which doesn’t need roads makes it an ideal solution for our emergency response needs, especially in areas where ground infrastructure is limited.”

As noted, the Liberty will operate as one of SkyAngels’ fast response vehicles, transporting advanced paramedics and doctors able to the scene. The firms said the partnership represents the first of a potential bigger order for the UK.

The vehicle can be used on short flights over natural obstacles, such as flying to the Isle of Wright or the Isle of Man. But can also be used as quick transfer cross country, independent from the major highways and the congestion, according to Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V.

“The reservation of SkyAngels shows their trust in our product, and we look forward to further developing this partnership to make emergency response better,” said Dingemanse. “SkyAngels Air ambulance has a unique use case for the Liberty, which also helps us to develop the business and governmental markets. Besides emergency response, it is also a tool which can be used for coast guarding, border patrol, policing and many more applications.”

Revolution.Aero recently spoke to PAL-V’s Andy Wall, sales director, UK, Ireland and North America about the progress to certification and plans for commercialisation.

“Making a flying machine fly isn’t the biggest challenge here,” Wall told us. “To a layman making an aircraft seems like quite a gargantuan task. In reality the method of utilising an aircraft and making it work on the roads is where the challenge lies.”