Dronamics’ Black Swan makes first flight


Dronamics has announced the successful completion of a first flight of its Black Swan aircraft.

The cargo airline conducted the flight at Balchik airport in Bulgaria. The unmanned cargo drone took off and performed a series of manoeuvres before landing again. The milestone is the culmination of months of ground testing and subscale flights, according to the firm. The Black Swan was remotely piloted by two commercial airline pilots from the Dronamics ground control station. 

The successful flight test validates the company’s licensed cargo drone technology for commercial flights in Europe, set to begin later this year, serving industries such as e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, spare parts and perishables.


With a company motto of ‘same day delivery for everyone, everywhere’, Dronamics was founded by two brothers. Konstantin Rangelov, co-founder and CTO of Dronamics said: “Since the day we first imagined what the Black Swan aircraft could look like, we’ve worked towards this flight. Today we’ve made history and are proud to have demonstrated the validity of our drone technology.” 

His brother, co-founder and CEO, Svilen Rangelov said: “It’s taken an enormous amount of hard work, belief and drive to prove that what we envisioned works. We can now focus on the next step, the roll-out of our commercial operations, and we couldn’t be more excited.” 

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