Volocopter to use Swiss-AS MRO software


Swiss Aviation Software (Swiss-AS) and Volocopter have agreed a contract for AMOS, Swiss-AS’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) software. 

The multi-year deal will see AMOS manage Volocopter’s global aircraft fleet, offering aircraft reliability monitoring, analysis and act as an interface to Volocopter’s digital operating system, the VoloIQ. 

Volocopter is set to receive type certification in 2024 for its two-seat VoloCity air taxi and will be the first to launch commercial services in Europe. The OEM recognises that a scale-up of future operations requires an ecosystem. Also, eVTOL fleets will need to deliver fast turnaround times to meet expected service demands. 

Oliver Reinhardt, Chief Risk & Certification Officer of Volocopter, said: “With Swiss-AS as a partner, Volocopter is making strides to ensure that the maintenance of our VoloCity is managed and executed efficiently and foolproof. The AMOS software has a proven track record in the aviation industry – giving us confidence to obtain our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and Maintenance Organisation Approval (MOA), which is essential for our entry into service. Its compatibility with our VoloIQ is a must-have to provide outstanding customer service.”

AMOS specialises particularly in managing vehicle configuration traceability throughout the life cycle. Other aspects include component design/purchase dates, installation/replacement dates, and total operating hours. AMOS will also monitor ground handling operations, deploy the relevant tools, and manage ground staff assignments. 

This is a first foray for Swiss-AS into the UAM sector. Fabiano Faccoli, CEO, Swiss Aviation Software, said: “We are looking forward to stepping into the future of urban air mobility with Volocopter. Signing with Volocopter is confirmation that AMOS stands for innovation! All Swiss-AS employees received the news with excitement and we look forward to cooperating with the UAM pioneer Volocopter, who is designing the customer journey from A to Z while complying with the highest safety standards.”