Moya Aero approaches first eVTOL prototype flight


Moya Aero is in the final stages of building its near full-scale prototype cargo eVTOL ahead of a first flight set for the third-quarter. 

The flight will be conducted at Moya’s facilities in the testing area in Airfield SDA4, Fazenda Maristela, Brasil. The vehicle, with a wingspan of 5.5m, is made largely from composite materials such as carbon fiber and epoxy resin. Moya has built around 90% of the structure in composite material. Finally the last fairings and landing gear, specially developed for the vehicle, will be added. The wiring of the engines and the electric power system has been completed.

“Preparing for flight is an exciting phase when the most critical decisions are made that will influence our future success. We have purchased 100% of aircraft equipment from renowned and innovative suppliers. Last week, the team had training sessions at the Autopilot System supplier to adjust the vehicle’s control loops,” a statement from Moya read.

The team is also building a small drone to perform test flights for autopilot verification. It said this will save time and allow slight adjustments before the first flight of the full-scale aircraft. Powertrain and battery tests are in progress, and the ground station is almost complete. 

Moya has also started conversations around certification with ANAC, the Brazilian aviation regulator. According to the OEM, the aircraft is progressing on schedule, on budget and is on track to be the first high-capacity cargo drone to fly in Latin America. 

The programme is sponsored by FINEP, a Brazilian government organisation that promotes science, technology, and innovation.


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