ELECTRON aerospace agrees new orders with two operators


ELECTRON aerospace has agreed orders for its aircraft from Air2E and Hopscotch Air. 

The deals bring ELECTRON’s sales pipeline close to EUR 200m, and with Air2E based in Germany and Hopscotch a US company it shows the global interest for the aircraft.

The aircraft, aka Electron 5, will feature a 750km (466 miles) range with today’s batteries. This capability exceeds most mission profiles in both the USA and EU, where similar aircraft today cover routes below 500km (311 miles), according to the ELECTRON team. The firm is poised for launch in 2028.

Marc-Henry de Jong, CCO and co-founder at ELECTRON aerospace, told us: “It shows that we listened well when establishing top-level requirements for our aircraft. Existing operators, like Air2E and Hopscotch Air, now placing orders, validates all our hard work to date.

“Securing orders from two pioneers in the regional air mobility sector like Air2E and Hopscotch Air affirms the market fit of our Electron 5 aircraft. It’s a testament to the trust and commitment our partners place in our vision for a sustainable aviation future.”

According to its creators, Electron 5 offers operators over 50% reduction in operating costs compared to existing internal combustion engine (ICE) aircraft. 

“Our Electron 5 will replace ICE aircraft like Cirrus aircraft and/or DA62 aircraft,” added de Jong. “The goal of our customers is to become zero direct CO2 emission operators as soon as possible.”

Norbert Werle, CEO of Air2E, added: “The Electron 5 will empower Air2E to deliver our services with zero direct CO2 emissions, in line with our dedication to fully sustainable business travel.”

The parties have each signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) featuring explicit payment schedules.

Andrew Schmertz, CEO at Hopscotch Air, said: “The reduced operating costs of the Electron 5 will allow us to significantly broaden our customer base, providing more affordable and accessible air travel alternatives.”