Wisk and Sonaca announce strategic partnership


Belgian aerospace supplier Sonaca will develop and supply components for Wisk’s 6th Generation aircraft. 

Sonaca, which already had a hand in the design phase, will now develop and deliver the major structural assemblies for Wisk as it progresses towards certification of its autonomous air taxi. Viewed as a major step forward in its diversification strategy, Sonaca said the partnership confirms its position as a leading major structure supplier.

Yves Delatte, CEO of Sonaca Group said: “I’m really glad to see our team contributing in defining a new sustainable future for urban air mobility. After ambitious new contracts in the aerostructure, space and defence sectors, Sonaca is again at a crossroad in its history.” Delatte also thanked the Wallonia region of Belgium, where Sonaca is based, for its long-standing support in research and innovation that enables the firm to form partnerships like that with Wisk.

Sonaca will rely on its global footprint to manufacture and supply parts in its facilities in Belgium, Brazil, Romania and the US.

Brian Yutko, CEO of Wisk said: “Sonaca is a leader in development and manufacturing of aircraft systems and has been an outstanding partner in our Gen 6 aircraft program. At Wisk, we’re doing something that has never been done before: certifying an autonomous, battery electric aircraft for commercial passenger use. Sonaca’s capabilities have been key in helping us to achieve that mission by partnering in the development of critical structures for our aircraft.”