KAI to supply pylons for Eve’s eVTOL aircraft


Eve Air Mobility has named Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) as supplier for its aircraft’s pylons. 

Pylons are a critical component of the airframe that support the aircraft’s electric power units and eight lift propellers. KAI has pedigree with Embraer, the parent of Eve, having delivered aerostructure components for various aircraft in the past.

“KAI has an excellent reputation for quality, technology and business performance  supplying numerous aerostructure components for a variety of aircraft including Embraer’s E-Jet E2 model,” said Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve. “We are excited to have KAI join a strong and diverse list of suppliers who will work with us to supply components from prototype through production.”

The agreement marks KAI’s formal entry into the AAM market. Last year, KAI CEO Goo Young Kang designated space and future air mobility as the company’s core future businesses. The firm also recently announced a significant investment in production infrastructure with the goal of growing its AAM market share.

KAI is the latest supplier for Eve’s eVTOL to be named. In February, the OEM named Aciturri as supplier of the wing skin, spars and leading/trailing edges of the wing. It also selected Crouzet to supply its pilot controls. 

In January, Eve announced that Thales would supply sensors and a computer, while Honeywell would supply guidance, navigation and external lighting. RECARO Aircraft Seating was selected to supply the eVTOL’s seats and FACC will supply the horizontal and vertical tail including the rudder and elevator. 

In 2023, Eve selected Garmin to supply the aircraft’s avionics, Liebherr-Aerospace to supply the flight controls actuators and Intergalactic to provide the thermal management system.  

The company also named Nidec Aerospace, a joint venture between Nidec and Embraer, to provide the electric propulsion system, BAE Systems to provide the energy storage system and Duc Hélice Propellers to supply the rotors and propeller.