SkyDrive partners with EP Systems on SD-05 battery system


SkyDrive has partnered with Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) to design, develop, and manufacture the battery system for its SD-05 aircraft.

The Toyota City-based developer of cargo drones and flying vehicles is targeting launching a flying car service in the Osaka Bay Area in 2025. The service will use SkyDrive’s SD-05, which is a two-seater vehicle for which the firm is currently applying for type certification.

SkyDrive has decided to go with EP System’s EPiC battery system. This includes battery modules, a battery management system and is also safe for handling the disconnect box for the SD-05.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO, representative director and president, SkyDrive said: “EP Systems is our ideal partner for this essential element of our two-seater aircraft SD-05. They are very focused and committed to develop performing and reliable battery systems. With their excellent support to define the best solution for our customers, we will continue to develop our aircraft.”

Nathan Millecam, CEO, EP Systems added: “We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of SkyDrive’s plans for the future of flight and looking forward to collaborating with the team.”