FlyOnE opens Australia’s first electric aviation charge node network


FlyOnE opened Australia’s first electric aviation charge node network in partnership with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia over the weekend.

The network, named Lilypad Elevate, consists of 19 locations in the greater Perth area of Western Australia. There are three other networks planned too. An Adelaide network, made up of 14 locations; a Canberra network, made up of six locations; and a Gold Coast network, also consisting of six locations.

A live interactive map displays a list of publicly available electric aircraft charge locations currently in service, as well as a list of proposed sites. FlyOnE said while some charge nodes are independently owned, all sites are publicly accessible as a part of the Lilypad network.

“Just like the early days of electric cars, we will need to establish an early network of charge stations at key locations to enable the transition from internal combustion engine aircraft to electric aircraft counterparts,” stated FlyOnE’s website. These sites will continue to serve into the future as airstrips and airports transition into vertiports to support eVTOLs, according to the company.

The first electric charge station is established and operating at Jandakot Airport and is currently used to charge Western Australia’s first electric passenger aircraft, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, operated by FlyOnE as a demonstrator and in the Skycademy flight school.

FlyOnE is assisting the early installation of multiple aviation charging sites in the greater Perth area to support the day-to-day use of the Alpha and Velis Electro. The firm is also preparing for the 2025 release of the Israeli-built Air ONE eVTOL.