Aura Aero’s Integral S performs first fight


Aura Aero’s training aircraft, Integral S completed its first flight today at Toulouse-Francazal airport. 

The aircraft, registered F-WIAS, took off at 10:20am French time operated by test pilots Eric Delesalle and Hervé Poulin. Continuing over the coming weeks and months, Aura plans to test the  full flight envelope. The Integral S is expected to certify with EASA in 2024 under CS-23 certification.

Jérémy Caussade, president and co-founder of Aura Aero, said: “The first flight of Integral S is a major step for Aura Aero and for all our teams. In the name of everyone, I can say that we are extremely proud and very moved to see our young company take a new step today and continue its route towards decarbonised aviation.”

Integral S is a two-seater tricycle landing gear aircraft to be used for pilot training. Capable of reaching a cruise speed of 300 km/h, the aircraft has an IFR (Instrument Flight Rule) and complies with the latest training standards, according to Aura. The aircraft is also made mostly of wood-carbon.

Aura Aero is now planning to undertake a first flight of its Integral E in the coming months.