Electra.aero and Surf Air agree deal for 90 aircraft

Surf Air

Surf Air Mobility has secured 90 delivery positions with Electra.aero for its hybrid-electric short takeoff and landing aircraft (eSTOL). 

The aircraft will be integrated into Surf Air’s national flight network including Southern Airways Express and Mokulele Airlines as part of its aircraft-as-a-service (ACaaS) offering to air operators.

The Electra eSTOL aircraft’s ability to take off and land in as little as 150 feet will enable direct-to-destination air travel beyond large airports, according to Stan Little, CEO of Surf Air Mobility. 

“Electra stands out as one of the early market leaders in regional air mobility, and we’re excited to bring them onto our platform,” says Little. “Their innovations around hybrid-electric, short takeoff and landing aircraft – which can essentially take off and land on a football field-sized space – will unlock tremendous opportunities within the changing landscape of regional air mobility.”

Smaller regional Part 135 operators have not traditionally had the same access to aircraft funding options and software services as larger air carriers. Surf Air’s aircraft-as-a-service programme is being designed to solve this problem and lower the barrier to entry, said the firm.

John S. Langford founder and CEO of Electra added: “As the country’s largest commuter airline, Surf Air is at the forefront of addressing the growing demand for cleaner, more affordable and convenient travel options. Electra is pleased to partner with Surf Air in spearheading the decarbonisation of regional business aviation through the integration of our eSTOL aircraft into their fleet.”

In parallel, Surf Air is also developing its own electric powertrain technology for Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft, supported by Textron Aviation. Jamie Strecker vice president of Business Development for Surf Air explained: “With billions of dollars being invested into the regional and advanced air mobility space, it’s becoming increasingly important for a solution that can on-ramp new technologies and get them into the hands of operators as quickly and safely as possible. Through our air mobility platform and our aircraft-as-a-service program, we believe we can accelerate Electra’s eSTOL aircraft time to market.”