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Monday 24th April

18.00 Pre-conference cocktail 

Tuesday 25th April

08.30 Registration and Refreshments

09.00 Opening Remarks


09.05 Welcome to Ireland
Why Ireland is the perfect place to start operations
Declan Fitzpatrick, Irish Aviation Authority


09.15 Drafting out the Fourth Aviation Revolution
What assumptions can we make?
Is it too early to work out the impact new technology will have?
Sergio Cecutta, SMG Consulting – Presentation
Jay Carmel, Oliver Wyman – Presentation
Stephan Baur, Roland Berger – Presentation
Joshua Ng, Alton Aviation Consultancy – Presentation


10.05 Vertical Aerospace – Revolutionising Urban Air Mobility and electrifying air travel
Stephen Fitzpatrick, Vertical Aerospace


10.25 Morning Coffee

10.50 The state of AAM in 2023
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Izzy Ishak, Bristow Group
Dirk Hoke, Volocopter
Paul-Franck Bijou, Lilium
Andrew MacMillan, Vertical Aerospace


11.30 EVE Air Mobility – a start up from an existing leader
Andre Stein, EVE Air Mobility


11.45 The Regional Revolution
Electric-hybrid versus pure electric
How big is the market?
What will new aircraft compete with?
Moderator: Patrick Edmond, Altair Advisory
James Dorris, ODYS Aviation
Claudio Camelier, Heart Aerospace
Nick Rogers, KinectAir
Tine Tomažič, Pipistrel
Darrell Swanson, EA Maven


12.30 Manna from Heaven
Bobby Healy, Manna


12.50 Lunch

14.10 What role will operating lessors play?
New aircraft versus commercial and helicopter leasing
How can you forecast residual values?
Cargo versus passenger versus urban versus regional
How big a market will it become?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Revolution.Aero
Marc Tembleque Vilalta, Avolon

James Greenstreet, Falko
Gustavo Semeraro, Lobo Leasing
Jaspal Jandu, LCI


14.50 Supernal: An automative approach to AAM
Matthew Sattler, Supernal


15.10 Advanced Air Mobility: protecting your new technology assets
How can you harness the power of data
Understanding the protection landscape
Moderator: Katharine Stephens, Bird & Bird
Mark Leach, Bird & Bird
Seyed Mohani, ARC Aerosystems
Chris Bigwood, Honeywell
Patrick Buckles, Beta Technologies


15.50 Airbus: An established OEM looking to the NextGen
Is there such thing as experience in AAM?
Benefits of working across eVTOLs, propulsion and ATM
Balkiz Sharihan, Airbus


16.10 Afternoon Tea

16.35 How the electric aviation revolution is speeding up
What are the main options for aircraft?
Who should own batteries?
Will certification hurdles slow innovation?
Moderator: Charles Alcock, AIN Media Group
Richard Charlton, Electro.Aero
Joshua Stewart, BAE Systems
Fleur Cox, Rolls-Royce Electrical


16.55 Build it and they will land
Moderator: Meghan Eisenstein, NATA
Duncan Walker, Skyports
Clem Newton-Brown, Skyportz

Bradley Miller, Ferrovial Vertiports
John Drysdale, Shannon Airport Group
Russell Vickers, Future Mobility Campus Ireland


17.30 [email protected]
Judges Include:
Nichola Bates, Boeing
Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners


Moya Aero, Alexandre Zaramela – Presentation
CargoTron, Ross Kelly – Presentation
The Advanced Air Mobility Institute, Patrick Raftery –Presentation

18.00 Cocktail Reception

Wednesday 26th April 

09.00 Opening Remarks

09.05 Finding early-stage investment
Has appetite changed?
The role of accelerators
Strategic versus return investors
Moderator: Richard Moody, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions
Nichola Bates, Boeing
Jim Lockheed, JetBlue Ventures
Edward Espiritu, United Airlines Ventures


09.45 Archer Aviation – Are partnerships key to being operational?
Charles Alcock, AIN Media Group
Tom Anderson, Archer Aviation


10.05 Whose sky is it anyway?
Managing shared airspace
Working with existing ATC systems
Moderator: Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Jef Geudens, Skyports
Chris Kucera, OneSky
Paul Kennedy, Irish Aviation Authority


10.45 Future of Flight realism: The challenges and opportunities of both decarbonising aviation and AAM 
Chris Brown, KPMG

Please email [email protected] to request a copy of the presentation.


11.05 Morning Coffee

11.35 Overcoming the hype – ushering AAM into an operational reality
Dave Stepanek, Bristow Group


11.55 Who will fly new aircraft?
How many pilots will AAM need?
Will new operators compete with existing operators?
How can you train thousands of new pilots efficiently?
Moderator: Adam Twidell, Flexjet Group
Stella-Marissa Hughes, CAE

Julie Garland, Avtrain
Christophe Lapierre, Sigma Air Mobility


12.35 The Autonomous aviation revolution
How to reassure passengers?
Does Urban Air Mobility need autonomy to add up?
Alison Wyrick, Honeywell


12.55 Lunch

14.50 The hydrogen aricraft race
James McMicking, ZeroAvia


14.30 Financing manufacturing and the first deliveries
What options are available for OEMs and customers?
How can governments support new manufacturers?
Moderator: Eddie Gross, Vedder Price
Joshua Ng, Alton Aviation Consultancy
Michael Halaby, MUFG Bank
Tim Chun-hing Li,  Ascend by Cirium
Andy Blundell, Close Brothers


15.10 A Pragmatic Approach to Electrifying Aviation
Patrick Buckles, Beta Technologies


15.30 Afternoon Tea

15.50 Rethinking cargo
Grant Newman, Elroy Air


16.10 The rising tide of amphibious aviation
When almost 2/3 of the world’s surface is water, why not use it as a runway?
Do we mean flying boats or amphibious aircraft, which hold greater potential
Are the lessons learnt from the Soviet Union and its Ekranoplan being ignored?
Moderator: James Richardson, Ancieo Research
Billy Thalheimer, Regent

George Alafinov, Jekta


16.40 The economics of AAM
The future versus the history
How low can operating costs go?
Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners


17.00 Closing Remarks


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